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30 August 2022

Increment numbers in visual mode with Emacs and the multi-column feature

by Danny Willems

It often happens you must use the multi column feature in Emacs/vim to modify multiple lines at the same time on the same column. You may also need to increase on each line a number. You want to duplicate the line

let x1 = u1 * v1;

to become

let x1 = u1 * v1;
let x2 = u2 * v2;
let x3 = u3 * v3;
let x4 = u4 * v4;

evil-number provides a function called evil-numbers/inc-at-pt-incremental.

  1. Go on the line you want to duplicate.
  2. Yank the line: yy
  3. Paste 3 times the line: 3p
  4. Use CTRL-v on the number 1 on the second line to select multiple columns with the numbers after x.
  5. Use M-x evil-numbers/inc-at-pt-incremental
  6. Repeat for u and v
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